Andrew Harding
Stephen Amell


How it all started…

The idea for the winery first began in May of 2012 when Stephen and Andrew embarked on a road trip from LA to Oakland to watch a Blue Jays game for Stephen’s birthday.  Three hours into the trip Andrew, who had grown up in wine country, easily convinced Stephen – who had never been to a wine region before – to make a quick stop in Paso Robles to taste some wine. Stephen’s first-ever wine country pit-stop ended turning into a 48-hour wine bender that included visiting more than a dozen wineries, making a bunch of new friends in the local wine business, and eventually wrapping up at a dock-side party on a private lake built smack-dab in the center of picturesque, rolling vineyards.  As they drove away from Paso, heading on to Oakland, Stephen looked over at Andrew and asked, “Hey man, how do we do this ALL THE TIME?”. The rest of the road trip and the next few months became an exciting brainstorm about a new, unique kind of winery and the concept for Nocking Point was born.

The location of their new winery was obvious. Andrew grew up in the Walla Walla Valley and he made Stephen aware of the incredible things happening in his small hometown since the wine industry erupted there in the past ~30 years. With family, friends, and a roster of great winemakers available to them the pieces were in place to launch Nocking Point Wines as a light-hearted but still-very-premium wine brand. Playing to their strengths they knew they wouldn’t take the traditional path to building a new winery, but they’d leverage technology, social media, and their platform to spread the word about both Walla Walla and the great wines Nocking Point would be producing.

Fast forward 5 years and this little wine venture has allowed the founders to connect with hundreds of thousands of fans and wine drinkers to cultivate a crazy-loyal wine club community that they are more than proud of. The two guys honestly didn’t know if anyone would care about a TV superhero and his good buddy making great wines out of a smaller wine region in the Northwest. Well, it turns out they do and for that they couldn’t be more proud or more appreciative of everyone who has supported them from day one.

In addition to NP, the founders are up to other stuff too. Andrew has worked in the entertainment media space for years and co-founded a music licensing technology company — SourceAudio.com — working with many of the biggest music, production, and broadcast companies in the world. And, of course Stephen has gotten to play a DC Comic superhero – The Green Arrow – for 6+ seasons with much more to come…

The founders would like to extend a personal thank you to each and every one of their supporters, past and present, and they couldn’t be more excited about what the future has in store for us all!