“Dirtbag” by Jason Momoa

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The Details

BLEND: 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Franc

APPELLATION: Columbia Valley

WINEMAKER: Justin Wylie


RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2018


NOTES: Blackberry, dark cherry, vanilla, baking spices  ••  PALATE: Rich, dry, ripe black and dry fruits, chalky tannins ••  AGED: French oak barrels, 18 months  ••  SWEETNESS: Low  ••  ACIDITY:  High  ••   BODY: Full  ••  TANNINS: Medium+  ••  TASTES LIKE: A big Napa red blend but it’s pure Washington goodness  ••  DRINK WITH: A rich, hearty meal like a fatty steak and roasted vegetables

THIS WINE’S STORY: In our good buddy Jason Momoa’s own words… ‘I’ve been buddies with Stephen for years now and I love supporting my friends whenever I can make it happen. I think many people know I love my wine and Guinness so when Nocking Point gave me the chance to select my own personal wine blend — a big, spicy, Bordeaux-style red — and put a piece of artwork I created on the label I was in. I’m stoked for Nocking Point’s wine club members to get their hands on this one and I can’t wait to get a ton of it dropped off at my house too.’