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We have had a tons of emails, posts, comments, texts from friends and everyone had one question for us.  When are you re-stocking FU2020!?  Well, we didn’t intend to, but since everyone seemed to love it we decided to bring it back for one more limited run! In case you missed the first go round, stock up today as we cross our fingers and hope for a happy, healthy, and more inclusive 2021!

Blend: Sparkling Rosé
Appellation: Washington State
Release Date: December 1, 2020
Original Label Art By: Brian Brown
Availability: Top secret…for now

This wine’s story: Like most everyone, we’ve heard “F*%k You, 2020” over and over again across social media and beyond for many months now. For all the reasons, we concur. One day in July, our co-founder Andrew had an idea for a sparkling wine that would end this ugly year with a bang and instantly called Stephen to share. Stephen loved it. Drew ran it by his wife, Jen, to see if she thought it was too much and she approved the idea and wine name as well. The label would include abbreviated profanity so we were unsure if it would get through the federal label approval process. Well, it did. And because this year has been wild for all the wrong reasons, we’re releasing this one early so you can get it in your hands as soon as possible! We are all looking for a better, brighter, happier, safer, healthier, more equal, more understanding, and more inclusive 2021. Until then, #fu2020. Let’s all cheers to that!

Make sure to tag us on social media with your big middle finger to 2020 using #FU2020 and #NockingPoint