Milano x Nocking Point Wines Happier Hour Box


This campaign has ended, but we have some other awesome options for you in the NP Shop!

The Details

 Milano is encouraging everyone to save a moment for themselves by enjoying happy hour in a fun new way – by pairing Milano® cookies with wine. 

Milano and Nocking Point Wines have teamed up to release the ‘Milano x Nocking Point Wines Happier Hour Box’ featuring a selection of five specially picked Nocking Point Wines to perfectly pair with the Milano cookie Happier Hour Pairing Guide. 

What’s in the box:
2016 “Year VI” Cabernet Sauvignon
2014 “Origins” Pinot Noir
2019 “Go-To” Rosé
2018 “KDH” Sauvignon Blanc
2018 “Loud & Clear” White Blend

Created for the ultimate Milano cookie and wine tasting experience, the Milano Happier Hour Guide features five expert pairing notes from Maureen Petrosky, sommelier and Milano cookie connoisseur, on how to match various Milano cookie flavors with your favorite wine.

 To make your everyday celebrations extra sweet this year, you’ll find a special offer from Milano cookies inside your Milano x Nocking Point Wines Happier Hour Box. Enjoy!

Click to view the full pairing guide!