“Nerd HQ” Zinfandel by Zachary Levi

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The Details

Blend: 100% Zinfandel

Appellation: Lodi, California

Winemaker: Markus Bokisch & Elyse Perryd

Consulting Winemaker: Zachary Levi

Release Date: September 1, 2019

Original Label Art By: Brian Brown

Availability: 450 cases produced

NOTES: Rhubarb, prune, red cherry, pink and white, peppery  ••  PALATE: Juicy red fruit, medium bodied, bright acidity, soft tannins, balanced  ••   AGED: Neutral French Oak Barrels  ••   SWEETNESS: Very Low  ••   ACIDITY:  Medium+  ••   BODY: High ••  TANNINS: Medium+  ••  TASTES LIKE: The softer side of Zinfandel  ••  DRINK WITH: Sweet BBQ, richer poultry and pork dishes, grilled veggies

This wine’s story: Zac Levi is back in 2019 with Nerd HQ Red- to celebrate the resurgence of Nerd HQ and the organization’s official position as a Non-Profit! Nerd HQ has always been about the fans and about helping others. The mission is to inspire and empower people everywhere, through connection and education. As for the wine, this is a special, limited release of a wine we made with a friend of ours in Lodi, CA (just the best possible place to make our very first ZIN!) Enjoy juicy red fruit flavors and notes of pepper in this balanced, more refined style of the grape.